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The Girl Behind the Text

Let me start by introducing myself. Hi, my name is Annamaria Traniello and I am twenty two years old. I know, I look much older than I am. I live in the small town of Wales Ma, with my parents, my chocolate lab Roscoe and a variety of farm animals. The people who know me well will tell you that the two things I value the most are my family and friends. Having a huge, CRAZY, overprotective, Italian family makes me go insane sometimes. But I couldn't live without them.
In the beginning, I absolutely hated reading. It's really ironic. By now you're probably like how the hell did this girl write a book then? It took my childhood friend, a lonely bus ride home, an intriguing conversation and my daring curiosity that ultimately lead me down a path of endless adventures! After that day, my nose was in a book every other week and my mom's Amazon bill suddenly skyrocketed. She wasn’t happy with me to say the least. After reading many novels, I was inspired to create a book based off concepts that I still craved for. I guess the phrase, "careful what you wish" is the right word to use because three months later the rough copy of my first story, Ties that Bind was written.     
At the age of fifteen, I announced that I had written a book to my family at a gathering, one of the millions we have. I am not going to lie, I didn't think anybody, including myself, knew what to do with this piece of news. I remember my mom giving me a look like, "yeah right!" Although, they sill asked me endless questions: What’s it about? Am I in it? Why aren’t I in it? Can I be in the next one?
I never thought that this would turn into anything, until I decided to write a trilogy. I knew from then on out that writing was a passion of mine that I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. 
After much help from loved ones and people I met and instantly connected with, we were able to successfully edit, format and publish Ties that Bind. It has been a rollercoaster of a journey to get to this point. But I know for certain, I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. 
I am absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to share with everyone the Ties Trilogy and the many other stories to come. In the meantime take a seat, grab some tissues, maybe a sweet treat and enjoy!

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