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Ties that Bind

Book One

Ties that Bind is an introduction into the chaotic, mystifying and disheartening life of 16 year old, Allison Johnson. Allison was used to losing everything; no parents, friends or boyfriend equalled by no means an extravagant life.


At the age of six, she witnessed the death of her mother as she hid underneath her bed, her hearing consumed by two sounds; rushed footsteps invading her home and her mother’s cries. Her sheltered childhood creates an obliviousness that leaves her vulnerable and leads to being attacked one night by an unusually strong group of men which by her description have “pointy looking teeth and red eyes.”

As she struggles to understand the current predicament she is in, a sudden presence barges in and saves her, becoming the embodiment of an entire world and species that Allison never imagined possible; and the bigger kicker is...she is at the heart of it all.



Book Two

I have a family now: me, my guardian, my best friend, her guardian and our protector. Each one of us is willing and able to fight and protect the rest. We would lay down our lives for each other; fight to the death for the people we care about and in the name of our divisions. We are family, or at least that’s what I was led to believe. 


Lies, secrets, traitors and death roam just round the corner. Things I didn’t even see coming. Those that threaten to destroy the life that I so meticulously built for myself and the ones I love. Everything I created, torn to shreds? Ha I don’t think so! 


But with every lie comes the truth, with every death a secret is exposed. With every traitor that dares to turn their back on me, comes another ally, a new family member. 


You experienced the beginning of my journey, the things that I have discovered. Now watch it all unfold.



Book Three

In the third and last installment of the Ties Trilogy, Allison Johnson and Crystal Peterson struggle to defend the honor of their families' names and find themselves in a war with not only one but several forms of evil. After a selfless sacrifice was executed by Austin and Vincent in order to save their lives, Allison and Crystal reap the consequence as their guardians are forced to say goodbye to them and their freedom.


Allison and Crystal are done running and realize that in order to survive they must remember everything their guardians taught them and face their battles themselves. Now with nobody to guide them, the girls must navigate their newly found predicament alone while fearing about what’s to come.


If they learned anything from Austin and Vincent's absence it is that life does not always guarantee happiness; if you want happiness you need to fight hard to have it. Little do they know they are about to run right into the eye of danger which could make their second chance at living futile.


What happens when the word “goodbye” becomes the only sense of salvation?

The Trilogy: Work
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