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     Get to Know Me!


Q: What was the first series you've ever read?

A: The first series I have ever read was the Midnight Guardian Series by Bryna Butler. Not only was it the first series I've ever read but the novels themselves made me realize I wanted to be a writer because of how well thought out the characters and plot were. Highly recommend!

Q: What is your favorite book series?

A: I could NEVER choose just one! However, the series A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forest comes right to mind. Her stories are engaging, addicting and kept me anticipating the next chapter. Highly recommend! 

Q: Why do you choose to write fiction stories? 

A: I love to write fiction stories because I enjoy creating plots that are unusually complicated and that do not pertain to everyday life. I get excited deciding what unexpected plot twists and conflicts to put into each chapter. Also, I have so much fun designing characters that are multi dimensional and actively involved within the stories. I want my main characters to be strong and selfless but to work hard for those titles. My characters always have something to prove and who doesn't love to read about creatures who go "bump in the night?" 

Q: Are you always going to write fiction books or explore into other genres? 

A: While I have no intention of straying away from my obsession with vampires and other supernatural creatures anytime soon, I am not opposed to exploring other genres and discovering more reasons why writing is my passion. 

Q: What inspires you to write? 

A: Everything, literally everything! I have found that when actively writing the Ties Trilogy, being outside and surrounded by water ignites my author brain. I believe I get inspired at the most random moments and by the strangest things. It could be anything from the stranger that just passed me on the way to class to the collection of rose bushes in the back of my house. When I do get that inspiration especially, if I have writers block, It feels like a "aha" moment. 

Q: What's one piece of advice you can give to younger authors or people who want to follow their dreams of writing? 

A: My best advice is to never settle for anything you believe is not your best work. As a young and new author, often times I can get ahead of myself. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the literary goals that I have or rush to publish my story. I learned two things: to reach out to people who are more experienced and learn the ins and outs of being an author and to pace yourself. I can say with assurance that your best writing is one that takes time and dedication to complete. With that being said, if writing is something you want to pursue, go for it! Always follow your heart because life is way too short. 

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